Light aпd moderп, this peacefυl coпtemporary home desigп creates a pictυre for rich liviпg

Mild and modern, this peaceful contemporary Chinese home design creates a canvas for enriched living. Visualised by Shexia Space Design, this is a space where crisp and sleek aesthetics come face to face with the imperfect beauty of Wabi-sabi elements, and merge with the softness of the natural world. An indoor courtyard brings trees to a games room, a traditional Chinese tea room and a slick conversation pit, all under the dappled light of a glass bottom swimming pool. The design team reflects: “In the irreversible process of urbanization, we abandon the old way of life… The most precious in a space, the sun, the wind, beautiful people, and the bits and pieces of the past.”

The outer courtyard forms an instant sense of serenity around the modern home, providing a place for calm contemplation by a peaceful reflection pool.

By night the pool is lit around its edges to create an inviting atmospheric glow.

A Wabi-sabi moment shapes the focal point in the living room, with a perfectly imperfect TV wall.

A red accent chair offers a pop of heat to the cool neutral decor palette. The chair’s crisp modern design both counteracts the rough feature wall and connects through curvaceous form.

The lounge opens directly into a luxurious dining room with a fabulous modern dining chandelier. The impressive fixture dips an entire story from the double height ceiling void, threading giant beads of light along its strings.

The dining table merges into a rugged stone kitchen island. Light cream modern dining chairs provide clean contrast against the grey rock feature.

A warm, sunny wooden kitchen rises as backdrop to the cool stone kitchen island. Smooth wooden backsplashes extend the effects of the light cabinets to achieve one solid seamless look.

Sunlight filters down through an indoor courtyard design, where it dapples the wall by a chic white circular conversation pit. See more inspiration for stylish conversation pits here.

Just past the conversation pit, an elegant Chinese tea room is fashioned with a unique stone and wood table design and a set of unique chairs.

Lattice screens zone the tea room in the open plan, and add warmth to plain white wall decor.

Teapots are displayed in a decorative collection over a system of illuminated shelves. One teapot dangles dramatically above the solid stone plinth support of the unusual table design.

By the opposite edge of the round conversation pit there stands is a games room with a bar.

Red chairs splash drama around the poker table.

As we wander further into the courtyard, we find that the dappled sunlight is dancing through the blue waters of an overhead swimming pool. White walls and a white pebbled courtyard floor increase light reflection.

Small trees in the courtyard give the games room, tea room and conversation pit an indoor-outdoor living experience.

At the back of the games room, the wet bar shimmers in a luxe golden finish. Contemporary black bar stools anchor down the palette, set out in front of a monolithic island.

A gold kitchen tap and golden fixtures give the whole arrangement a dignified sense of opulence.

The bar area ends with an unusually situated bookcase. The tower of knowledge reaches all the way from the games room to the study on the next floor up. A librarian ladder provides access to the highest tomes.

The bespoke bookcase stretches across the mezzanine modern home office, divided only by a perfectly clear glass balustrade. Two comfortable chairs pull up at a double workspace.

An unusual golden floor lamp adds a sense of whimsy to the study. The glass bottom swimming pool continues to reshape and redirect sunlight from above.

Lattice room dividers have been influenced by Japanese Shoji screens, to lightly define different areas in the open plan floor layout.

The master bedroom has its own private lounge area, furnished with a tasteful chaise and a designer chair.

A small side table pushes in a flash of black veined pattern, which complements a black TV wall.

A spiral staircase gives an unexpected twist to the master suite.

Spirals, curves and circular motifs shape a consistent shape theme throughout the home, seen here in the round rug and side table.

The brown lounge chair makes a warm companion to a natural live edge floating tv stand.

Rich brown upholstery wraps the bed, creating dark contrast against creamy wall panels.

A freeform striplight snakes up onto the ceiling over the modern bedroom, in lieu of a bedside table lamp.

White decorative vases lighten up the floating bedside table. An end of bed bench is topped with a chocolate slab cushion to tie in with the colour of the bedstead.

The bathroom is a captivating hub of Wabi-sabi essence, where uneven nooks carve into stone walls. The irregular decoration forms a framework around glass doors into the bathroom and a luxury stone bathtub.

Indoor plants give the room outdoor charm.

Pebbles lay down a natural bed beneath the bath.

Sunshine spills onto the sheltered balcony at one end through a circular cutout in the canopy.

Tropical plants loll along the balcony’s edge.

Different floor treatments split the outdoor space into two defined areas.

A live edge table makes a gathering spot for outdoor tea in the shade, leaving the lounge area to the sun.

Copper stools add polish to the setup.


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