The spectacυlar three-story loft restoratioп featυres elegaпt aпtebellυm details iп a distiпctive great room

Measuring 8,000 square feet, the 260 West Broadway apartment is a spacious and luxurious New York home, located in the coveted northern tip of trendy Tribeca. The spectacular triplex loft restoration features elegant pre-war details in an extraordinary 45-foot by 45-foot great room with 26 foot high ceilings, 24 foot high arched windows and towering cast iron columns. Here, we’re looking at how this fabulous home has been staged in very different ways over the years, with some dating as far back as 2015. In a building that possesses such a dramatic presence on its own, the substantial style shift achieved by switching out furniture, art and accent colours makes an interesting study.

White walls and light tonal neutrals expand the look of an already enormous luxurious living room with spectacular arched windows.

Whilst this unique home has the luxury of private townhouse living, it also has the security benefits of a staffed building, and a convenient gym and a roof deck. The American Thread Building is landmarked, on the National Register of Historic Places, and was the first of Tribeca’s luxury condo conversions.

Upon entering the main floor, we’re unexpectedly faced with an original Keith Haring wall mural; a treasure that was uncovered during one of the home’s renovations. The special mural was created circa 1979 when Keith Haring was still a scholarship student at the School of Visual arts. Small pieces of accent furniture flank the entryway, with a modern chaise on one side and a fur chair softening the other.

Cast iron columns hold up the 26-foot high ceilings of the great room, drawing the eye to elegant classical mouldings.

In this most recent home stage, the incredible interior is furnished with chic pieces that gently complement the classical nature of their surroundings. Dashes of black add bolder moments, in the shape of a working fireplace and more monochrome art to complement the mural in the entryway.

The wall of dramatic 24 foot high arched windows kiss everything with sunlight.

The channel tufted chaise lounge chair by the Keith Haring mural seems to recline in unison with the stainless steel staircase design, which sweeps up to a mezzanine lounge and a private bedroom wing.

An L-shaped floor plan brings us around to a dining area and a tucked away kitchen.

White kitchen units build a clean and crisp aesthetic under a glossy white countertop.

Up on the mezzanine, there is a second dining suite and a lounge/TV room.

Recessed LEDs add atmospheric glow to the large master bedroom.

The master bed and ensuite bathroom are adjoined by a long dressing room.

Cream tile and paintwork form a decor scheme of simple sophistication.

The smaller bedroom is decorated with a pop of coral and whimsical woodland wallpaper.

Next, we’re going to take a look at how the character of this fabulous home was changed under a different kind of staging. This time, darker, warming neutrals bring more depth to the enormous living space. A tufted sofa and elegant lounge chairs group around a glass coffee table and a set of gold framed side tables.

A patterned rug stretches toward the fireplace.

Kartell Masters chairs surround a luxuriously high polished dining table, topped with extravagant gold accents.

Ceilings have been trimmed with gold to draw particular attention to the grandeur of their panelling.

Colourful art draws the eye to the back of the large room, adding youthful character and energy to the home. A modern white console unit subtly spans the space beneath.

A gold frame console table underlines the Keith Haring mural.

A huge refrigerator and a pantry benefit the kitchen.

Upstairs, a blue bedroom feature wall conjures a whole different vibe inside the master suite this time around.

White paintwork cuts around creamy mosaic tile and trims in the master bathroom. Modern wall sconces are doubled in the vanity mirror.

Lilac window blinds and a bright yellow bedside table create a whole different vibe against the forest wallpaper in bedroom two.

The home’s lower level has a private entrance. It also has climate-controlled wine storage, a gym/office with half bath, a home cinema, game room, laundry room, staff room with a half bath, and a huge storage area.

Arched doorways showcase the wine cellar inside to the game room.

Traditional architectural detail is juxtaposed with punchy, vivid modern elements in our third and final version of this home, staged by Studio Alain Vo. A tufted grey pouf cools down the presence of a hot pink stool in the lounge; plush blue sofas anchor an equally bright pink rug.

Rather than distracting from the beautiful details of the home, the contemporary pieces bring more attention to them by way of contrast. Indoor plants add in a vibrant natural perspective.

Eames Eiffel chairs and a long rectangle dining table make up a ten place luxury dining room by the impressive windows.

A glass entryway lets in more natural light.

The smaller dining spot by the kitchen boasts its own Juliet balcony. Eye-catching red accent chairs flank a smart black and walnut console table and colourful art.

Up on the mezzanine, a round rug adds a pop of red to a home office area. A modern desk faces out to views of the historic neighbourhood.

A red trimmed end of bed bench, yellow accent chair and a blue headboard wall make a colourful interpretation of the master bedroom.

Down in the game room, a red L-shaped sofa draws out the exposed red brickwork of the neighbouring wine cellar.

Floor plan.


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